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Ground breaking

Ground breaking

 Word of Grace Bible Institute (Russian)

Word of Grace Bible Institute (WGBI) is committed to training Russian-speaking pastors who are leading churches in the Western US and throughout the world. In addition, their web-based ministry is accessed by Russian-speaking people in over 100 countries.


The Word of Grace Bible Institute (WGBI) has functioned on the basis of the Word of Grace Bible Church (WGBC) in Battle Ground, WA since 1998. Its primary goal is to help every Christian gain the necessary knowledge and experience to be an effective minister in edifying the body of Jesus Christ. Several important characteristics make this school successful.

WGBI is being Operated by the Church and at Church Building

First of all, WGBI is being operated by the church and at church. Apostle Paul, in describing the church and its ministry, clearly said that Jesus Christ appointed the church for “the equipping of the saints for the work of service, to the building up of the body of Christ” (Eph. 4:12). For this reason He appointed pastors and teachers. The institute’s attachment to the local church allows the students of WGBI to receive an edifier’s training. This pertains not only to the selection of materials and perspectives to teach at the school, but it is also expressed in the mindset of prioritizing the church in the lives and service of Christians.

Devotion to a Deep and Clear Theology

The second characteristic of WGBI is its devotion to a deep and clear theology. Its essence is expressed in acknowledging the centrality of God’s role as Creator and sovereign Lord of the universe and in the absolute authority of the Holy Scripture. These two principles are the foundation for achieving the main goal – transformation of human souls into the image of Christ.

Third characteristic of WGBI is the effectiveness of its program. The school’s program contains some key subjects allowing students to receive the necessary preparation in important areas of live and ministry. Hermeneutics and Exegesis teaches them to work with Scripture properly and effectively as well as fruitfully communicate its truths to others. Theology can form a practical Biblical worldview. Counseling teaches them to raise up students and effectively help them in their development. The course in Apologetics provides the necessary preparation for effective work with unbelievers.

WGBI is committed to train not only local pastors of WGBC, but also church leaders form different countries, within the context of their own countries and cultures. It strives to help them carry on God’s Word more accurately and to lead their churches with a pursuit of following Jesus Christ.

We believe that education at WGBI will be one of the most valuable investments of each student’s effort, time and resources. It will allow students to lay a firm foundation for life and ministry and to truly be a blessing for many people.

Yours in Christ,

Alexey Kolomiytsev, Director of WGBI, Pastor of WGBC


WGBC Online Education
“Word of Grace” Bible Institute now offers an interactive theological education online. Our desire is to make biblical education available to all who are not able to attend our classes in person. The two-year program we offer is designed for Christians who want to build a stronger and more serious foundation of their faith as well as be better prepared and effective in church ministry. The Institute provides the materials that are in many ways based on materials developed and taught at The Master’s Seminary. The program includes the following courses and seminars:


  • Survey of the Old Testament
  • Survey of the New Testament
  • Introduction to Biblical Counseling
  • Hermeneutics
  • Introduction to Theology
  • Apologetics


  • How to Read the Bible
  • Biblical Masculinity and Femininity
  • Church History – I
  • Church History – II
  • Evangelism

The online education involves watching video recordings of the lectures and homework. Students have access to a special website with the materials and they are also able to correspond with their instructor via the website. Every student is responsible for the homework assignments. The homework consists of reading the assigned materials and then writing and teaching those materials to others. On average, the student will need about 4-6 hours per week of independent study.

All classes and seminars are free of charge. This ensures that those who have the desire to learn but are not able to pay for the education have the opportunity to access the material necessary to equip them in the ministry as well as in their personal walk.

School of Biblical Preaching in Rovno, Ukraine
Alexey Kolomiytsev and Vitali Rozhko started the project of the “School of Bible Preaching” in 2007, which became a great blessing for many church ministers from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and Germany. In 2010, the first group of students graduated from this school.

The School of Biblical Preaching was started specifically for active ministers serving in local churches. Its goal is to help ministers gain the practical skills necessary for expository Bible preaching. The course of study is based on the conviction that the Bible and biblical preaching play an essential role in the process of effective spiritual growth in churches and the lives of their members.

The course is designed by ministers who have a significant amount of academic training as well as extensive experience in pastoral ministry and missionary work amongst Slavic people. The School in Rovno offers a 3-year program. The students come for intensive in-class sessions and training twice a year for 10 days and then return to their ministries. Since the launch of the program, we now have half of the courses taught by graduates who have now become teachers at the school.

School of Biblical Preaching in Vladivostok, Russia
In 2007, a few pastors from the “Far East” region in Russia started their training during the very first student enrollment in the Biblical School of Preaching in Rovno, Ukraine. The training had a profound influence. Pastors were changing their approach to ministry, the way they approached preaching the Word of God was also changing, and there was more emphasis within their churches on the Scriptures. This training encouraged them to grow in their personal life of worshipping the Lord. Pastors from all over the former Soviet Union began to pray about having a similar training center locally, so they reached out to our Bible Institute and pastors.

We are extremely grateful that God has allowed this school to start with 42 students attending the first session in November of 2015. The oversight and teaching is done in cooperation with our School of Biblical Preaching in Rovno. The program of study will mirror that of our Rovno branch.

We pray that God continues to develop and use this training center to prepare godly preachers for effective ministry in their local churches.