Our Greatest Need is Prayer!

“Now we can say and again, safely and stunningly, what the awesome place of prayer is in the purpose of God to fill the earth with his glory. Not only has God made the accomplishment of his purposes hang on the preaching of the word; he has also made the success of that preaching hang on prayer. God’s goal to be glorified will not succeed without the powerful proclamation of the gospel. And that gospel will not be proclaimed in power to all the nations without the prevailing, earnest, faith-filled prayers of God’s people.” -John Piper

Prayer Partners

Sign up below to join our prayer team. A monthly email will be sent to you that reflects the various needs of the TMAI family of schools. We would be most blessed as you take these needs to the throne of grace in your regular time with the Lord. As you have opportunity, please also consider sharing this monthly email with others in your church who are committed to expanding the gospel throughout the world through prayer.

Certain prayer requests are also available here.

Pray for a Specific Training Ministry

A second step that some in our ministry choose is to pray regularly for a specific training ministry. Most of our schools publish their own monthly prayer needs and these can be obtained by contacting a school administrator in order to be placed on their mailings. Of course, a large number of prayer needs are evident by perusing the various ministry sites and reading about upcoming classes, conferences and various opportunities in the ministries.

Give to a Special Project

Each month a special project for a particular training ministry will be featured here. The projects are above and beyond the monthly support needed to keep each school operational. Projects may include such opportunities as support for pastors attending conferences, book translation projects, expanding libraries and even the addition of new facilities. A one-time donation for these kinds of needs can make a critical difference in the training of pastors for a lifetime of effective service.

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