Our History

As indicated by its name, The Master’s Academy International has been and continues to be a work of the Master Himself. Through the calling of individuals over the past 25 years, the Lord has built an organization of servants and leaders ready to go into all the world to spread the Gospel for the glory of Christ Jesus.

The Lord has built an organization of servants and leaders ready to go into all the world to spread the Gospel for the glory of Christ Jesus

The earliest TMAI seeds fell onto fertile soil back in 1986 when Dr. John MacArthur enthusiastically raised the challenge: “Let’s replicate The Master’s Seminary all over the world.” The vision to establish training ministries focusing on Bible exposition in far away places of need began.

During the next four years, the overseas needs and opportunities became increasingly clear. In 1990, the presidents of the Russian and Ukrainian Baptist Unions came to invite TMS graduates to help start schools in their countries. This unsolicited invitation confirmed the Spirit’s leading. In response to their invitation, a delegation of TMS instructors, followed by the regular ambassadorial missions of Dr. Robert Provost, carried the new movement of God forward in Eastern Europe.

In the early 1990s when the first training ministry started in Ukraine, the need for training resources in the form of materials, personnel, counsel, and connections to other ministries became urgently clear. To meet these needs, TMS worked to provide young schools with starter libraries, supplementary faculty, and consequently, a directory of available and capable instructors. A fellowship group of Grace Community Church supplied a steady stream of short-term missions workers to assist with instruction, establishing one of the first Sunday Schools in Ukraine.

We are united by our commitment to Christ and to Scripture

During the last two decades, training centers have been established on every continent. Missionary families have devoted their lives to training national leaders, and TMAI was created to come alongside them in this vital ministry. We are united by our commitment to Christ and to Scripture. Working side by side with the national leaders and leaders-in-training to understand the needs and challenges of each culture, our missionary workers, by God’s leading and grace, have shaped TMAI into what it is today.

TMAI has become a fellowship of training ministries offering academic, financial, and personnel resources to strengthen its member schools. The number of international church leaders trained in TMAI training centers already numbers in the thousands, and continues to grow each year. New seeds continue to sprout on every continent as these member training ministries begin numerous daughter schools, satellites, and extension schools.

Many other schools are interested in becoming TMAI institutional members. Training center leaders and faculty gather annually at international symposia and regional summit meetings to worship, fellowship, learn, and plan. These events have become our center as a collective ministry scattered across the globe. God continues to expand the work and the ministry of TMAI.

There are many facets, people, and ministries comprising TMAI, yet the core of the organization is really quite basic: the people of God committed to the Word of God doing the work of God.
We are honored to be used by the King and we praise Him for the work He has done and continues to do!

Important Events

1991: Irpin Biblical Seminary (IBS), Kiev, Ukraine
1997: Christ Baptist Church Seminary, Polokwane, South Africa
1998: Word of Grace Biblical Seminary, Mexico City, Mexico
1998: Word of Grace Bible Institute, Vancouver, WA
2000: The Shepherd’s Bible College, Hastings, New Zealand
2000: Samara Center for Biblical Training, Samara, Russia
2000: Theological Biblical Academy, Krapina, Croatia
2001: The European Biblical Training Center, Berlin, Germany
2002: TMAI India, South India
2002: Hamadera Bible Institute, Osaka, Japan
2003: Strategic Training Resources (STR) is created to assist the growing number of international training centers
2003: Rob Iverson affirmed as STR President and Chairman of the Board
2004: Ministerios Evangelicos de las Americas, Siguatepeque, Honduras
2004: Italian Theological Academy, Messina, Italy
2004: Corporation name change to The Master’s Academy International (TMAI)
2005: Southeastern Europe Theological Seminary, Tirana, Albania
2005: First international symposium and regional summit meetings held in New York
2006: EBTC Extension, Zürich, Switzerland
2008: The Expositor’s Academy, Manila, Philippines
2009: IDEX Spanish ministry, Sun Valley, CA
2009: BEREA, Leon, Spain
2011: Dr. Mark Tatlock affirmed as Chairman of the Board and acting President
2014: TMAI President Dr. Mark Tatlock transitions to full-time status
2014: Grace Bible Seminary, Singapore
2014: Czech Bible Institute, Kromeriz, Czech Republic
2014: Central African Preaching Academy, Lilongwe, Malawi