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Russian Speakers Magnifying the Name of Jesus

Word of Grace Bible Institute (WGBI) is a TMAI training center that aims to serve Russian-speaking congregations around the world. They have two strategic areas of emphasis. First, they record, edit, and distribute the sermons, lessons, conferences, and seminars that take place at Word of Grace Bible Church (WGBC). Second, they train and assist Russian-speaking pastors and church leaders both in the US and abroad.

WGBI Velichko 600

In 2015, God blessed WGBI with a myriad of opportunities. They conducted 13 conferences in 6 different countries. They launched a new, two-year online program, enrolling approximately 80 students from countries such as Latvia, Ukraine, Germany, and Russia. At home, they hosted seminars at WGBC to equip pastors and lay people in the area. And their extension in the Russian Far East, led by WGBI graduates from Rovno and Ukraine, is now training 30 church leaders from the region.

WGBI pastors

Pastor and TMAI Professor Alexey humbly confesses, “This great spiritual work is impossible without God’s providence and without your continued prayerful and financial participation.” If the Lord puts it on your heart to pray for WGBI, we’d ask you to add your petitions to those of the leadership at Word of Grace, who are praying and earnestly working on developing a radio broadcast that would expand their ability to make God’s truth known.

We’re grateful to God for the ministry of Word of Grace Bible Church and Institute. We rejoice that the resources they make available are faithful, trustworthy, and theologically rich. May the name of our Lord Jesus Christ be magnified in every tongue and in every nation.