Russia: Vladivostok School of Biblical Preaching
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Russia: Vladivostok School of Biblical Preaching

The “Word of Grace” School of Biblical Preaching in Vladivostok (Russia) was launched in Primorye in the Fall of 2015, with the assistance of Word of Grace Bible Church and the “Hope to the People” mission.

As of today, The Lord has allowed the students to study the following courses: “The Foundations of Spiritual Leadership,” taught by Alexander and “The Principles and Practice of Studying the Bible,” led by Andrey. A “Systematic Theology” course is planned for the Fall of 2016.

The training in this school consists of 9 to 10 days of on-campus training twice a year. In between these meetings the students are working on their heavy homework load. It includes work with Bible texts, the reading of 35 books, learning passages from the Bible and practical assignments such as passing on the acquired learning to the students’ own churches.

The course involves a three-year training (6 sessions), studying such subjects as “Expository Preaching,” “Biblical Counseling,” and “The Biblical Principles of Apologetics & Evangelism.”

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More than 40 people attended the first session. Of those, thirty-five decided to enroll and continue their training. Eleven of them are lead pastors. The rest are actively involved and lead various ministries in their churches. Classes are held at Holy Trinity Church in Vladivostok which also hosts the students and pastors during training modules.

Our students travel great distances from various cities across Russia including: Vladivostok, Bolshoy Kamen (150 km), Fokino (180 km), Dunay (190 km), Spassk (300 km), Arsenyev (250 km), Yakovlevka (300km), Nakhodka (200 km), Kavalerovo (450 km), Dalnegorsk (500 km), Olga (550 km), and Terney (700 km).

DSC07760 600Every one of these meetings is a huge encouragement for the brothers, which is why they don’t mind the distance. The ministers testify that God is actively working within them through the training. During the last session, which focused on the aspect of having a Biblical foundation, the men were convicted and encouraged to study the Scriptures more and to build their life and ministry upon God’s word.

The education at this school is very intense. Not all the brothers are accustomed to this type of schooling format. But, you can see how they try to devote themselves to learning. Despite the fact that some have to stay up late, the brothers make every effort to grow. Many of them are grateful for this opportunity. Churches in Prymorye haven’t had any training for their pastors in a long time, especially at this level and holding these kinds of Biblical convictions. Some brothers, because of their age, doubt that they will be able to master it. We encourage them not to give up.


“I’m so thankful to the brothers and sisters of Word of Grace, for your enormous contribution to this training! I trust that by the mercy of God this training will encourage many weary pastors, give them a new vision, humility before God, a love for his flock, biblical tools, enriched by the experience of other pastor-teachers. The Far East is characterized by the fact that the settlements are separated from each other but the prices are high. Therefore, there exists a certain fragmentation between the churches and pastors. Thanks to these sessions almost all of our pastors are spending day and night together. It serves as a great encouragement and support to them.”
— Mikhail, Pastor of Holy Trinity Church of Vladivostok

“These studies have affected my relationship with God. After the exegesis studies, I will work on an in-depth study of Scripture. I realized that it was very important for the church. Often we merely declare the authority of Scripture, but in reality act differently. I think that for pastors there is no better school. The teaching is at a very high level.”
Yevgeniy, Pastor of the church in Bolshoy Kamen

“The first session was a spiritual encouragement and transformed my attitude towards my wife. The second prompted me to examine and change my attitude towards preaching.”
Vladimir, Pastor of the church in Olga

“This class prompted me to pay more attention to the leaders of the community, to pass on to them the experience of an in-depth study of the Scriptures. Also it changed my attitude to my pastoral ministry, adding more responsibility and demands. This school is a great blessing to us. It is very necessary in the Far East.”
Roman, Pastor from Fokino

“This education has affected my attitude towards spiritual leadership and leadership in the family, especially regarding questions about the qualities of a preacher (humility and devotion). Primorye needs this school.”
Alexey, Assistant pastor and preacher from the church in Olga

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“This education provides an incentive to mobilize and grow in God and responsibility before Him. It highlighted my weaknesses and gave me the knowledge of how to fix the problem, set priorities in the ministry, to re-examine the success of walking with God, both personally and in ministry. It is difficult to overestimate the benefit of my growth in studying and interpreting Scripture.”
Sergey, Pastor of a charismatic church in Dalnegorsk

“While I still remain a skeptical person, I am becoming a minister who is more and more convinced of the truth of God. God and His Word are the flag and the strength of our studies. This is changing my vision, my approach to the Word, and my preaching. It is very simple and specific, very in-depth. I pray that the training would continue in the Primorye, because it is a powerful school, not just in word, but also in deed. Aleksander Kalinskiy and Andrey Rezunenko are good pastors and bright teachers. Thank God for them!”
Arkadiy, Pastor from the church in Spassk-Dalny