Impressions from the School of Biblical Preaching
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Impressions from the School of Biblical Preaching

Seminar in RovnoWe at Word of Grace Bible Institute would like to share with you, our partners in ministry, some of the blessings from our recent visit to Rovno, Ukraine.

In September, the School of Biblical Preaching in Rovno held another ten-day session. This time, Vitali Rozhko taught the students the basic principles of preparation, construction, and the execution of expository preaching, which is the historical and grammatical study of a specific text of Scripture. The pastors learned to prepare sermons, occasionally using Greek and Hebrew texts of Scripture.

Following the session, many students voiced their impressions about the training they received. Here are just a few examples:
“Each session had a huge impact on my heart. I realized that I cannot treat the Word of God lightly. I realized that I am a proud man and I need to work a lot on myself and with Scripture, in order to preach the Word. Personal interaction with instructors was probably the most powerful aspect of it all. Moreover, thanks to the school, I recognized the purpose of my ministry, and now clearly see where more effort is required to make it more effective.”
“It changed my heart. From the beginning I deeply realized that neither God nor people needed my education, but rather a humble heart that is thirsty to know God for the transformation of myself, my family, church and everyone that the Lord brings my way. Thanks to this, there was a much grander motive involved rather than academic merely—the glory of God. I practically, not philosophically, fell in love with the Bible, being sure of its sufficiency, strength and divine inspiration. This prompted me to not only love preaching as a great tool of God in my mouth, but to kindle a passionate desire to preach accurately, expositionally and faithfully.”
“I was taught first of all to love God and His word, secondly to humble my proud heart, and thirdly, to live in my family and church. Upon discussion with other brethren of the humility, authenticity, sincerity and conviction of the instructors and the school in general, I was often met with the response: ‘That sounds too good to be true. I didn’t think this existed anymore.’ The value of this school is that it collaborates with Word of Grace Bible Church. If through his preaching, Alexey Kolomiystev hadn’t exposed the importance of Biblical preaching for the church and what it should be, I would never have realized that I am not preaching how I ought to be and how vital it is for me to be immersed in Scripture.”
We hope these impressions are as encouraging to you as they are to us. Each time we receive similar comments, we know that God is at work. Thank you for your partnership with us in proclaiming God’s Word and preparing men for ministry!