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The Future of the Church in Malawi

Below are four small portraits of some of the students currently enrolled (or graduated this year) at CAPA, a TMAI member school in Malawi. Every student’s story is markedly different; each of their pathways to CAPA is unique; and yet, their love for Scripture and Christian faith comes from one God, by one Spirit, through one Lord. Take a moment to catch a glimpse of the great things our God is doing on the African continent. And, if you have a moment, pray for these beloved brothers in Christ. May the Lord use them mightily in His service.


Kalonga, Aizzie

Aizzie was born into a Catholic family. He heard the gospel from street preachers whom he initially hated, but as the message began to penetrate his heart, he found himself recognizing an urgent need to be forgiven by the Savior of mankind. After rejecting Catholicism and being kicked out of his home, he is now pastoring a Christian church and traveling 150km to attend CAPA’s MDiv program.

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chirwa_alexAlex was an illegitimate child who survived three attempts to be aborted. His father rejected him and his mother did not want him, but in 1984 he was adopted into the family of God in Christ Jesus. CAPA’s mission statement gripped his heart, and he has adopted our sentiment concerning pastoral training as his own. He is now in CAPA’s MDiv program and hopes one day to continue pastoral ministry and training in Malawi.

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M'bwana, Alex

Alexious is a teacher at an elementary Christian school. He attended CAPA (graduated in May) so that he might be able to train children’s pastors and teachers to view their vocation not as baby-sitting ministries but as opportunities to train children in the ways of the Lord Jesus Christ. He hopes to challenge the churches in Africa to value children’s ministry and ensure that God’s Word is being delivered to these little lambs.

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Goliath, Alfred

Alfred has been a pastor for 18 years, and is currently the pastor of New Jerusalem Pentecostal Church in Lilongwe. He recognizes that far too many pastors today preach from their own imagination, and he came to CAPA to learn how to preach God’s Word. When asked how we could pray for him, he humbly requests that God would show him the areas he needs to amend, the areas where he needs to change. He wants to make the Word of God central to his ministry and begin equipping others in his congregation to see that the Scriptures, not the pastors, are the ultimate authority for the Christian.

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