Philippines: Expositor’s Academy Update
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Philippines: Expositor’s Academy Update

Update from Sean Ransom
The Expositor’s Academy
Manila, Philippines
August 12, 2013

Modular Classes
July was a fruitful month for the Expositor’s Academy. Pastor Erwin flew into Kalibo to teach our men (and a few new faces) from Negros, Bacolod, Iloilo and Aklan. This two and half day module was part 2 out of 3 of our New Testament Survey Program, focusing on Galatians through 2 Timothy. We all met at Boracay Grace Baptist Church, which has been partnering with us for about 3 years now and is pastored by Angelo Panganiban. I enjoyed good interaction with the men who had many questions, especially about elders in the church as I taught from 1 Timothy 3. Their questions included, “Can women be elders?” and “What should we do about an elder whose children are living in unbroken patterns of sin?” I walked them through Scripture to see what God’s Word says on these and other issues.


Sean Ransom with students on the last day of class.

Classes in Manila
Back in the Manila area, our on-going class at the Church of the Triumphant Christ started it’s eighth and final course in our Local Church Ministry track. Their final course is called “Mission, Evangelism and Discipleship.” Lord willing, many of these students will graduate this December after having studied with us for 3-4 years. Those who joined us later will be able to attend classes with the next batch of students whose first class will be “Bible Study Methods and Rules of Interpretation.”

Soli Deo Gloria Church

I also had the joy of preaching for the 17th anniversary of Soli Deo Gloria Church in Davao City (SDGC). SDGC Pastor, Jurem Ramos, his wife Ging and their son Abraham (who just graduated from The Master’s College) picked us up from the airport. Jessica and I were so blessed by our time with them and the church. Every aspect of their worship service impressed us; from the choices of songs we sang to the mature words of their prayers, the godly wisdom and humble hearts of their elders and the kindness and encouraging fellowship the members. The elders invited me to meet with them every other week for three months for a time of counseling and mutual edification. This will also give us time to learn from each other and to get to know each other better as we looking into the possibility of partnering with them to help train their members as well as other pastors and ministers in the area.


With the elders of Soli Deo Gloria Church: Pastors Ronnie, Alan, Jurem and Sean

Lastly, we are encouraged and getting excited as the three families who have been raising support and preparing to join us here in the Philippines are getting very close to moving here. One family may move here before the end of the year and the other two, should arrive early next year (Lord willing). Although their primary focus will be on language and cultural studies and not on joining Pastor Erwin and I in teaching, it will be very encouraging to have them here as we dream and plan on taking the training ministry of the Expositor’s Academy to the next level in the near future. Please continue to pray for all of us as the Lord continues to grow us and uses us to raise up godly expositors in the Philippines.

Please continue to pray for The Expositor’s Academy and for Sean as the Lord continues to develop this ministry:

  1. Pray for the students of Sean’s weekly classes as they serve in their various ministries. Pray for God to apply what they learn in their ministries.
  2. Pray for Sean’s regular mentoring group that meets in our house. 
  3. Pray for the new opportunity for Sean to regularly meet with the elders of Soli Deo Gloria Church in Davao City. This will require Sean to travel twice a month to the island of Mindanao, but it is a great opportunity and the trips will be simply day-trips (not overnight). 
  4. Pray for Vincent Greene who will be visiting for a couple of weeks in the end of August. Vincent and his family, Lord willing, should be moving to Manila in early 2014. Vincent will basically come to check out places to live and make other preparations for his family’s upcoming move. Pray for Vincent’s safe travel and for his trip to be fruitful. Pray also for his family back in the U.S. while he is away from them.