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Groundbreaking Initiative for Preaching in the Philippines

In our book, The Implications of Inerrancy for the Global Church, Alan Luciano contributed a chapter from his ministry background in Southeast Asia. He identified a pervasive threat in the Philippines, “that people may be deceived into thinking that they have embraced Christianity when in reality they have merely added elements of Christian philosophy or morality to their lives but remain unaffected by radical, paradigm-shifting, world view-shattering gospel truths.” He evaluated the prevalence of syncretism in the Filipino churches and presented a powerful appeal for expository preaching grounded in “the objective, authoritative truth of the Word of God.”

For this reason, The Expositor’s Academy (TEA), a TMAI training center in Manila, Philippines, is planning on launching in early 2016 a groundbreaking program, The Institute of Expository Preaching and Pastoral Ministry, that will bring quality training in expository preaching to local pastors and church leaders. It must be stressed that no comprehensive training in expository preaching currently exists in the Philippines, so this marks a historic opportunity for the saints in Southeast Asia.

This kind of ministry is enduring because it builds upon the foundation of God’s enduring Word. It is ministry that trusts God to accomplish His purposes and to build His church. Has not Christ Himself given to the church gifted men whose purpose was to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for the building up the body of Christ? We believe the team of pastors and teachers at The Expositor’s Academy are doing just that.

We live in a day when technological advances have made it possible to partner in unparalleled ways with the worldwide advancement of the gospel. We pray that this new initiative in 2016 establishes for Filipino churches enduring roots in the exposition of God’s Word.

For more information about The Expositor’s Academy and how you or your church can partner with them, please contact TMAI at info@tmai.org.