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Excitement Grows As New Program Launched in Philippines

The Expositor’s Academy (TEA) in the Philippines has just launched a new and exciting program to commence the new year. The team has been very busy developing curricula, establishing relationships with local pastors, and garnering interest for the program. Now it all comes together in the Expository Preaching and Pastoral Ministry training program, a two-year program designed to provide pastors with the tools necessary to study, apply, and teach God’s Word.

TEA New Program Jan 2016

“The excitement is growing,” writes TEA professor Vincent Greene, “as the men eagerly anticipate all that they will learn over the next two years.” Indeed, more and more men in the Philippines are being drawn to the centrality of Scripture in ministry. At a recent conference, one of the attendees wrote, “This was not just a blessing to the mind and body but most especially to my soul and spirit. . . . An overwhelming joy in my heart defines how this seminar will become helpful and inspiring in the ministry that God has entrusted to me.”

As the taste for solid expository preaching develops in Filipino churches, TEA aims to help develop the men who will carry on the work. Vincent writes, “There are many pastors who need training, and it is the burden of our hearts to provide for them a high level of pastoral and preaching training that will enhance the ministries God has given them.” Below are the goals of the new initiative. We invite you to pray with us that God would accomplish these things in the lives of His undershepherds in the Philippines.


  • Biblical Knowledge
    • To grow students in their understanding of the principles of hermeneutics and their proper application for interpreting Scripture.
    • To teach students how to exegete the various genres of Scripture so that they can prepare expository sermons.
    • To train students how to deliver dynamic expository sermons with an emphasis on effectively communicating Scripture.
  • Christ-like Character
    • To exhort students to follow the teaching of Scripture in their lives.
    • To teach students to develop spiritual disciplines.
    • To hold students accountable to grow in Christ-like character.
  • Biblical Ministry
    • To emphasize to students the importance of expository preaching and to motivate them to adopt it as the pattern for their preaching ministries.
    • To instill in students the importance of composing and following a biblical philosophy of ministry. Attention will be given to areas of particular need in the Philippines.