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Pastors, Patriots, and Profound Christian Love

The great Protestant Reformers were driven by an unquenchable zeal for God and an undying love for their own countrymen. Martin Luther felt a profound sense of duty to the German common folk, which shaped his preaching and led him to produce his magnificent translation of the Bible into German. Ulrich Zwingli, the Swiss reformer, felt personally responsible for the fate of his people, both as pastor and patriot. He stayed in Zurich during the plague to minister to the victims, during which time he caught the plague himself and almost died. And who can forget Scottish reformer John Knox’s famous prayer, “Give me Scotland, or I die”?

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These men recognized that their unique circumstances and surroundings were God-given, and they labored on behalf of Christ and their countrymen. What all the Reformers had in common, however, was access to Scripture, the original languages, church history, and theological resources. These things, in the hands of faithful men, are mighty tools for God’s kingdom.

All around the world, TMAI is putting these same tools into the hands of indigenous pastors and church leaders today. Just as God raised up a unique group of reformers in the 16th century, we believe He can do the same thing with trained leaders today. Our confidence is that these indigenous leaders will be most zealous and most effective in their proclamation of the truth in their respective countries.

One such leader is Misko Horvatek, Dean of Theological Biblical Academy, a TMAI member school in Croatia. In a recent article, Misko expressed his deep love and concern for his countrymen and the direction of the church in his country. Speaking as a Croatian to fellow Croatian church leaders, he wrote:

“Fellow leaders, fellow pastors, brothers and sisters in Christ, we need to reaffirm our commitment to the inerrant Word of God. Do we not read in 2 Timothy 3:16 that all Scripture is given by God? … The crisis in the church in Croatia is severe. It is time for pastors, missionaries, and leaders at every level to respond in faith. We must restate our commitment to the Scriptures as the inerrant Word, sufficient and authoritative in the life of the church. We must recommit ourselves to teaching and preaching that brings about transformed lives. As those entrusted to shepherd the flock in Croatia, we need to train up the next generation to carry on the work of our Lord. Let us draw together around our Lord Jesus Christ and His Word to turn back this crisis in our churches.” (Excerpts taken from The Implications of Inerrancy for the Global Church.)

Misko’s words echo the sentiments of many of TMAI’s indigenous faculty and graduates. These are the men God uses to bring about reformations, revivals, and radical changes in the fabric of societies. These are the men God uses to reach the world for Christ and to fulfill our Lord’s Great Commission. Our mission is to serve these men in bringing to them the theological training and gospel stability necessary in order that they may be used mightily by God in the expansion and triumph of the gospel of salvation in Christ Jesus our Lord. We pray that the Lord may raise up reformers like this in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas for His glory.

For more information on how you can play a role in laboring toward this end, contact us today at info@tmai.org.