Missions Mobilization Memo – November 2013
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Missions Mobilization Memo – November 2013

Croatian-Flag-32A report from Croatia
Theological Biblical Academy

How many Bible study tools does your pastor have access to when he prepares his sermons? How many Bible study helps do you have at home or on your computer to inform and enrich your own study of Scripture? Since these resources are so abundant and accessible in the USA, we forget that many of our brethren around the world have few if any of these blessings.

In Croatia, the Theological Biblical Academy (TBA) is working to translate and publish an invaluable Bible study resource for their students and the churches in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Macedonia and Montenegro. The MacArthur Bible Handbook is a wonderful one-volume Bible study resource which provides vital information about the purpose, themes, historical context, structure, and content of each book of the Bible.

Missionary professor Kris Brackett writes: “This handbook would be the only of its kind in this part of the world. It would be a key resource for our students and graduates, as well as for church members who desire to study the Scriptures and understand the themes, importance, historical background, theological contribution, and general content and flow of each individual book of the Bible. In an area where there is very little Christian literature in the local native languages, this would be an invaluable resource for the people of God.”

An exciting OPPORTUNITY!

The total cost to translate and publish The MacArthur Bible Handbook is $15,000. TMAI invites you to partner with TBA in this strategic opportunity. Since all of TMAI’s administrative costs are covered separately, 100% of all designated gifts will go directly to making this vital ministry possible. Please pray about what the Lord would have you do to help us put this Bible study tool in the hands of believers in the Balkan region.

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