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Croatia: Croat abroad returns for training at home

Update from by Kris
Theological Biblical Academy
December 1, 2014

This semester has been especially encouraging with the new group of students in our training program. This is the first year that we have offered an introductory one year program that gives an overview of the Bible, Theology and several practical theology classes in one year. The program servesboth those students who simply want to enrich their understanding of the Scripture and their own ministry in the local church. Students who desire to preach, teach and lead in their local churches, or possibly plant new churches, can then continue on in their studies to obtain additional essential skills.

Our new students come from our own church in Krapina, other parts of Croatia and Serbia. One student in particular we wanted to mention is the first one to move to Croatia from America to be a part of our program. Mario grew up in a town called Sibenik on the Croatian coast. He married a half-Croatian American girl who became a believer first and led him to Christ. They realized the great needs for the Lord in their home country and have had the desire to return here as full-time missionaries. Their pastors had heard about TMAI and the Theological Biblical Academy here in Croatia, so they recommended that they return to Croatia to start their preparation for ministry. After several years of waiting and praying, they left their home in the US and returned to Croatia with four precious children in tow, so Mario could begin his studies in preparation for eventually planting a church on the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia. The Dalmatian coast is beautiful, but it is also one of the least churched parts here. There is not a single evangelical church that exists on the islands of Croatia (47 inhabited islands, approx. 100,000 residents).

From the time we first came here, our pastor Misko has often encouraged us to pray for Croats living abroad to be saved and either come back to help evangelize their people or, at least, to support the spread of the gospel here. In fact, several of the pioneers who brought the gospel to Croatia were saved in Canada, Australia and the United States. We are grateful that God has answered this prayer again by selecting Mario and his family to be messengers of His gospel and bringing them back here.

Thank you for your prayer on our behalf and for the ministry of TBA in Croatia.


TBA update 12-1-14