Building God’s Kingdom in Croatia
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Building God’s Kingdom in Croatia

In Croatia there is a spot where the Mura and Drava rivers meet. In that place, several weeks ago, more than 150 people gathered to see a group of 10 men and women profess their faith in Christ. Kornel, a graduate of the Theological Biblical Academy (TBA), TMAI’s training center in Krapina, performed the baptism.

Nine of those new believers came from the city of Koprivnica, where a church was established nearly 15 years ago.

The baptism was a testament to the Lord’s faithfulness in Croatia, and to the role that TBA plays in bringing the gospel into communities there. Pastor Nathanael, TBA’s Chairman of the Board, along with several TBA graduates, were on hand: Ivan, Pastor Miroslav, Božidar, Pastor Marko, and Pastor Kornel. Five men – four of them pastors – all graduates of TBA, and all serving the Lord in ministry across Croatia. All together to see the fruit of the gospel brought to bear on the lives of 10 new Croatians believers.

Pastor Miroslav brought with him a young man from a town called Nova Gradiška. The young man attends Miroslav’s church and was saved last year at youth camp. Already, Miroslav and this young man (and his family) are working together to plant a church in a town that is without a church. For them, the baptism was a glimpse into the future fruit of the ministry God is calling them to pursue.

Of the 10 who were baptized, nine came out of a Catholic background. This is common in Croatia. Also common is the strong opposition many of them have faced in the wake of their conversion. In Croatia, Catholic roots run deep.

However, God continues to call sinners to Himself throughout the country. That baptism – those 10 new Christians who met where the rivers meet – is a powerful example of that. It is why a ministry like TBA is so critical. Those new believers will all need strong churches to attend. They will need to be fed.

TBA is seeding the country with trained Bible expositors and shepherds. They are leading people to Christ and then leading them through the Word for the purpose of sanctification. In this way, God’s Kingdom is growing throughout Croatia. TMAI is blessed to be a part of it.