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Suddenly Seeing: The Remarkable Experience of a Christ Seminary Graduate

Msiza Epiphany

Samuel Msiza

“Epiphany! This word summarizes clearly my experience at Christ Seminary [South Africa]. Merriam Webster’s dictionary defines it as ‘a moment in which you suddenly see or understand something in a new or very clear way.’

“Without a doubt this has been my experience. There is so much that comes to mind when I think about the seminary. I can speak of Pastor Dave, who akin to an earthquake shook our theological foundations and exposed the flaws of the presuppositions we ignorantly held; or Pastor Charlie, who threw grenades of sound theology and blew to pieces whatever aberrant theology we stood on; or Pastor Johann, who had one foot in history and another in the present day, teaching the importance of learning from the past to be wiser as we head into the future; or Pastor Andrew, who held a scalpel of the Word, skillfully cutting where the heart of the issue was, showing us that God’s Word is sufficient in counseling (2 Tim 3:16). And what more shall I say? For time would fail me to tell of Pastor Joseph, Pastor Gerhard, Pastor Steve, Pastor Rob, and Pastor Nathan, who through their God-given abilities helped drill, thrill, and skill me to play the noblest part (1 Tim 3:1; 2 Tim 2:2; Titus 1:9).

“Most importantly, studying theology at Christ Seminary has helped me ‘enjoy God.’ It was like a cloud that veiled my eyes was removed, and suddenly I started to see in a very clear way. Contrary to popular belief, theology is not a discipline for the select few, stuck in the Middle Ages, who spend their time debating about how many angels can stand on the tip of a needle. Theology is a Christian discipline and Christ Seminary does well to make that known. Every day in class was a great discovery, each subject a pearl of high price. It is here that my view of God was expanded. I was dazzled by the beauty and the majesty of God. My pursuit of God became even more intense as God used the lecturers to unveil His excellencies through His Word. Through the lens of Christ Seminary, I suddenly saw in a very clear way that God is not an abstract idea to be merely studied, but a Person to worship, find joy in, and glorify. God is the supreme treasure of the universe (Phil 3:8), the source of true contentment (Phil 4:11–13), the source of ultimate satisfaction (John 6:35), and the source of full, eternal joy (Ps 16:11). Preaching these truths is my greatest joy; and seeing men and women grasp them and appropriate them in their lives doubles my joy.

“My desire and prayer for the church in the township is that they will be gospel centered, Scripture driven, and Spirit empowered. I want to see a church that takes theology seriously. I believe that when we take theology seriously, we will begin to worship God in the way He prescribes in His word. Today when I stand on the pulpit with my Bible open, I know that I am a dwarf standing on the shoulders of giants.

“Praise God for Christ Seminary.”

—Samuel Msiza
Christ Seminary graduate 2014.