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TMAI Welcomes a New Seminary in Singapore

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The Apostle Paul’s missionary journeys took him to the crossroads of civilization and commerce. The churches he established in places such as Ephesus were strategic in that they provided a beachhead for the gospel along the world’s major trade routes.

Today, The Master’s Academy International is following Paul’s example by welcoming a new training center to the TMAI family. This new training center, called Grace Bible Seminary (GBS), is located in Singapore—the heart of the fast-growing Asian economic market. From its primary headquarters, GBS can reach men and women in Singapore and also offer modular classes that will train Bible teachers in East Asia as well.

Currently, GBS offers certificate, diploma, bachelor and master of art degrees in Expository Preaching and Biblical Counseling. The long-term vision for the seminary is to train a new generation of expositors and biblical counselors to assist the church in Asia and into East Asia.

GBS represents a significant opportunity to reach Asia with God’s Word. For centuries, missionaries have labored faithfully bring the Word to this closed region. It has been an arduous, often dangerous endeavor. But how can the church ignore a nation of 1.3 billion people?

Through GBS, Asian pastors can be trained as Bible expositors, and then take that training into their churches throughout the mainland. And every pastor trained represents a congregation of God’s people who will be reached—a church full of men, women and children who will learn to think biblically and to apply God’s Word to their day-to-day lives. “Singapore is regarded as having very high standards of education,” one of GBS’ leaders wrote in a recent summary of the ministry. “It is also their first choice when Christians in that region are considering sending students for theology education.”

Through its modular classes, GBS plans to make it possible for these pastors to pursue their training without leaving the field; there is already a shortage of pastors in East Asia. The team recognizes the risks with offering on-site training there, but the rewards are worth it. Regardless, courses in Singapore will always be available.

The seminary is in a strategic area. Singapore is a hub of commerce where the world’s corporations have built regional headquarters. Many banking, manufacturing and pharmaceutical regional headquarters are located in Singapore. The influx of industry is causing an influx of people—people who need Christ.

Already, people are responding to the teaching. One licensed marriage counselor in East Asia who charges her clients $100.00 per hour attended a GBS biblical counseling seminar and said that she realized her counseling was not biblical and that it was ineffective. She even asked whether she should quit her job.

Two months later a student on the mainland said, “I have never realized that the Bible is so real and practical in our lives.” Another GBS student said that he has learned that whatever he does, he must ask the question: “What does the Bible say?”

That is ministry. That is TMAI in action through Grace Bible Seminary. We praise the Lord for this addition to our member schools.

Originally published in the April 2014 TMAI Worldview.