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SCBT Graduates Bring Pastoral Training to Siberia

TMAI is committed to bringing the best pastoral training possible to church leaders around the world. We’ve seen time and time again that a meaningful investment in the lives of faithful pastors pays enormous dividends, especially as they go out after their training to pastor churches and evangelize their surrounding regions.

One of our training centers is located in the city of Samara. Samara is a key transportation hub in Russia, connecting the west to the east. Moscow, Kazan, Rostov, and most major cities in central Russia have overnight trains to Samara. Almost all trains connecting western Russian with Siberia and Russia’s far east—and even Kazakhstan to the south—stop here as well. Located where it is, Samara Center for Biblical Training (SCBT) serves as a convenient geographical center for men from many regions across Russia to gather for instruction and encouragement in pastoral ministry.

One of SCBT’s graduates, Andrey D., is involved in a church planting effort in Siberia, a vast territory east of Russia’s Ural mountains. After finishing his training at SCBT several years ago, he and another graduate began meeting with a small group of believers in one of Siberia’s largest cities. Through Andrey’s leadership, the group became a church and God has blessed them with steady growth in numbers and maturity. “At almost every church service we have new people,” he explains, “and those who visited once or twice when we first began are now coming back to learn more.” As non-believers are convicted by the faithful exposition of God’s word, they frequently stay after the worship services to ask questions about the gospel and the Christian life. He also reports, “The Lord has also greatly blessed the ministry of our men’s group. The place we rent for this meeting is filled to capacity.”

Andrey adds the following note with earnestness: “With the growth of the church comes the responsibility to teach the truth to others. Therefore, we want to organize a training program for ministers.” In the fall of 2016, Dimitri L., another graduate from SCBT, plans to join Andrey and his team in Siberia to help the church and oversee the development of this new equipping ministry. They desire to train up new ministers of the word, continue evangelizing the lost, and even plant new churches in their region of Siberia.

All this is due to the investment made in one pastor’s life. The impact is truly exponential. This is the Lord’s intent (2 Tim 2:2), and He alone is to be praised for its success.

For more information, or to partner with us in raising up a generation of faithful shepherds and expositors of God’s word, please contact us at info@tmai.org.