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Russian Church Reaches Important Milestone

Nothing is more glorious than witnessing the light of the gospel prevailing over the kingdom of darkness. When truth is held forth and proclaimed with clarity, every Christian heart is innervated with thanksgiving and praise. Our new nature is designed to respond to the truth in magnificent ways. Consider the clear tenor of biblical testimony:

  • All faithful worship is in spirit and truth (John 4:24).
  • The Apostle of Love rejoiced greatly with all who walked in truth (2 John 4).
  • A workman’s worth is determined by rightly handling the truth (2 Tim 2:15).
  • Our sanctification is driven by the truth (John 17:17).
  • Love itself is defined by rejoicing with the truth (1 Cor 13:6).
  • One day we will join the heavenly chorus in eternal praise of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is called Faithful and True (Rev 19:11; 22:3).

For over a decade, the Lord has used TMAI’s training center in Samara, Russia to train men to put this life-changing truth on display in local churches, and last month one such church marked an important milestone.


When Regeneration Church in Samara, Russia celebrated its tenth anniversary, it was a special moment not only for the church but also for the training center in Russia. It was special because the church’s pastor was a part of the very first graduating class from that training center in 2005. Pastor Vladimir’s testimony, as well as the testimony of the church, give great reason to glorify God for all He has accomplished through TMAI-Russia.

The Lord called Vladimir to the ministry the very first time he heard John MacArthur preach at a conference in Russia in the late 1990’s. Vladimir immediately decided that he must spend his life helping people in Russia by preaching God’s truth in the same way. Just a few years later, by invitation from local church leaders, Samara Center for Biblical Training was established in Samara—a city of over 1.5 million people. The goal from the start was to train pastor-teachers—men who would faithfully serve local churches by expositing the Scriptures and shepherding God’s flock. Seeking exactly this kind of training, Vladimir enrolled in the training program and went through both the two-year preaching program and a three-year program similar to a Master of Divinity program.

Upon completion of the program, Vladimir was asked by the leadership of his home church to consider planting a new church in a different region of the city. He agreed and was soon sent out to plant what would be called Regeneration Church.

Ten years later, Regeneration Church is a thriving and healthy congregation of over 125 saints. Vladimir is quick to point to the reason for the church’s firm foundation: “From the outset, everything we’ve done at the church has revolved around the preaching of God’s Word and helping people to live by that Word. We believe that this is what brings God great glory.” Vladimir’s faithfulness and dedication have shined through to his congregation through the verse-by-verse exposition of whole books of the Bible, including John and Revelation.

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Regeneration Church has made a significant Kingdom-impact in the hearts and lives of many individuals, and also in the Samara region as a whole. Regional Baptist Union leader Yakov D. affirmed the role this congregation has played as a model church in the Samara state.

“Regeneration Church,” said Yakov, “from the first day of her formation, set herself on a biblical course of growth and clear exposition of the word of God. The basis for every single worship service in this church is the worship of God and expositional preaching. This is the path of growth that we would like to see in every church in the region.”

The story of Regeneration Church and its pastor is a story of God’s faithfulness to build His church using His people. It’s also the story of how one trained indigenous pastor can change a city and even a state. It is a story that we at TMAI are humbled to have a small part in.

You and your church can also have a part in the work that TMAI is doing. Through your prayers and financial giving, you can help to continue the glorious work of holding forth the light of the gospel as it prevails over the kingdom of darkness. For more information on how to partner with TMAI, contact us at info@tmai.org.