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Russia: Training others to mine the riches of God’s Word

The Bible is a rich mine abounding in precious gold, and this reality must inform our missionary efforts. It is one thing to collect gold coins to put on display for the delight of others; but it is quite another to lead people to the gold mine and teach them to dig out the treasures for themselves.

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This motivation to give men the tools they need to rightly divide God’s word is the heartbeat of the team at Samara Center for Biblical Training. In addition to normal responsibilities, this spring members of the team will travel over 24,000 miles—the same distance as the circumference of the earth—to help train godly men right where they are. Some of the itinerary includes traveling to:

  • Tula, Russia—to teach Old Testament survey
  • Perm, Russia—to preach at a church conference and the ordination of a graduate
  • Kemerovo, Russia (Siberia)—to teach homiletics and preach at a pastors’ conference
  • Yerevan, Armenia—to teach a series of seminars in several local churches
  • Murmansk, Russia—to teach expository preaching
  • Irkutsk, Russia (Siberia)—to teach principles of Bible interpretation
  • Penza, Russia—to preach at a regional conference
  • Rovno, Ukraine—to teach systematic theology
  • Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia—to preach at a regional conference
  • Berlin, Germany—to teach a seminar in Old Testament studies
  • Brest, Belarus—to teach a seminar in Old Testament studies

Samara destinations 600

Ministry destinations for the Samara team

The extensive work of the Russian men from SCBT is a reminder that indigenous church leaders, given the proper theological training, are able to plant and strengthen churches far more effectively than foreign missionaries can. It is not our intention at TMAI to develop fancy methods; rather, we seek to develop faithful men who will be able to teach others also (2 Tim 2:2).

TMAI currently supports 18 training centers like SCBT, equipping church leaders across the globe to mine the riches of God’s word, and then to preach it. Thank you for the prayers and support, and may the Lord of the harvest bless them mightily.