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Russia: Pastors’ Conference to Focus on Biblical Counseling

The end of May promises to bring a flurry of ministry opportunities as the Samara Center for Biblical Training (SCBT) hosts its annual Pastors’ Conference from May 31 to June 2. The conference, which will carry the theme, “Pastoral Ministry and Biblical Counseling,” will draw Russian pastors from across the country. This opens many doors for leaders within the Russian church to be exposed to the philosophy of TMAI. As they learn about the sufficiency of Scripture to address the issues of the day, they can see firsthand why training centers like SCBT are committed to standing so resolutely on the foundation of God’s Word.

Dr. John Street
Dr. John Street

The keynote speaker at this year’s conference will be Dr. John Street. Dr. Street is the President of the Association of Certified Biblical Counsellors (ACBC), and author of the book, Men Counseling Men. His passion for the subject, and his desire to see God’s people utilizing the resource of His Word, have made him a powerful teacher, shepherd, author and presenter.

SBCT leaders see the conference as a unique opportunity to reach into churches where they do not usually have access, and to let leaders there see what Bible exposition looks like. Through this, men are called to a new understanding of how to handle the Word. In this way, the conference attracts students into the program – students who become Bible expositors and who bring that kind of teaching back to their churches.

This year, the conference is expected to bring close to 500 men to Samara, so the opportunities are vast. The cost for each of those men to attend is $25, and in many cases, SCBT provides scholarships to allow as many to attend as possible.

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If you would like to help provide a scholarship for a Russian church leader to attend this conference, you can give at the following link: www.tmai.org/donate.

Thank you for praying for this year’s Pastors’ Conference – and for standing so faithfully alongside the ministry of TMAI.