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Ten Years of Graduates at TMAI India

Friday, Feb. 20 marked a milestone for the ministry of TMAI India – a milestone that can only be attributed to the faithfulness of God to grow His Church.

On that day, TMAI India celebrated its tenth graduation ceremony – a decade of preparing and equipping church leaders to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ, in one of the world’s most challenging mission fields.

The occasion saw six men mark the completion of their three-year Master of Divinity program.

PTS March 2015 graduation

Of course, while graduation commemorates the end of one journey, it is more about the beginning of what comes next. Those six men, like the men who have graduated before them, are now prepared to minister where the Lord has called them. Some will plant churches. Some will serve in already-established churches. Some will engage in church-planting taking the gospel into neighboring regions.

This has always been the pattern at TMAI India. Just last month, one recent graduate, Amos, was ordained by the Nepali Church Plant. There, he will proclaim the Word of God to a community that has never been exposed to expository preaching.

In this way, TMAI India has been growing the church in India since it began in 2002 – and since its first graduating class a decade ago. Like all of TMAI’s training centers around the world, this is the model for bringing the truth and for establishing the church.

PTS March 2015 gradThrough TMAI India, men are taught to teach the whole Word of God – in its historical context and based on a sound hermeneutic. At the same time, they are shepherded and mentored to lead the flock based on the model provide in the Book of Acts.

This kind of intense training goes on for years, as the faculty of seminary-trained men of God pours into the lives of their students.

Then – when all the training is done – they graduate. Then the real work begins.

Then, by God’s grace, they are used to transform churches and change lives.