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Graduates in India Organize 1st Expositors Conference in the Region

Some graduates of our training center in India came together to organize the first ever Expositors Conference in Southern India. “They were bold in organizing this conference, and hoped to see 50 men in attendance,” reports Chris W., director of TMAI India, “but praise be to God nearly 70 church leaders showed up.”

Hosting this groundbreaking conference was no easy task. Desirous to serve their brothers, our graduates charged participants only a nominal fee, determining to pay out of their own pockets three days worth of bills for the participants’ accommodations and meals. “These graduates are not wealthy men,” explains Chris, “but are pastors and church planters without apparent resources to spare. By the grace of God, however, they were able to raise an over-abundance of money to pay all the conference bills, even with some leftover!”

During the conference, Chris was able to catch up with the graduates, some of whom have been on the field now for nearly ten years. Having learned so much, and having walked through the rigors of church ministry, they were eager to spend time with him, asking questions and soaking up the fellowship. “What a joy it was,” exclaims Chris, “and a real boost, to recognize that years of investing in training is bearing rich eternal fruit!”

Just as many of us benefit greatly from the fellowship of like-minded believers, in our own churches or through events like Shepherds Conference, it is our graduates’ hope and prayer to stoke the flames of their own convictions by holding an annual Expositors Conference. Chris asks that we link our hearts with them in prayer: “Will you join with me and pray for our graduates to remain faithful, and to be effective and fruitful until Christ returns?”

We believe that this is just the beginning of what the Lord will do through our graduates in India. It is our hope and prayer, as well, that they might continue to faithfully serve in their churches, bring hope to their communities, and gather together as a unified front in an annual Expositors Conference. Pray with us and expect Christ’s church to be built.

To find out how you or your church might link hearts with us in fulfilling together our Lord’s Great Commission, contact us at info@tmai.org.