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Mexico: The Gospel thrives between Two Worlds

Throughout history, the church has been faced with challenging mission fields. Mexico City, and the country that encompasses it, is among them.

Even to the casual observer, the region of Mexico City is anything but Reformed Christian. Its spiritual center is Catholic, and those roots run deep. In such an environment, coming to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ means forsaking the religion of your family. It means turning your back on the beliefs and traditions of just about everyone who is dear to you.

At the same time, Mexico City is a buzzing metropolitan hive of activity. Just like every other cosmopolitan city, Mexico City represents the secularization of large masses of the population. In the city, religion is something practiced on Sundays only. It has no place in the corporate headquarters and towering skyscrapers of one of the world’s largest population centers.

In the middle of this secularized culture sits the Word of Grace Biblical Seminary (WGBS), TMAI’s training center in Mexico City. Through it, believers are being trained to bring the light of the gospel into the heart of Mexico. The challenge is daunting, but this is the Lord’s ministry, and He is always calling sinners to repent. Because of Him, WGBS is bearing tremendous fruit.

What kind of fruit? Here are three examples:

  1. Students: WGBS has been blessed with a class of 200 students – the largest ever in Marzo 2010 198its 16-year history.
  2. Second-generation professors: WGBS is grooming a crop of six new professors – all of whom are graduates or soon-to-be graduates of the seminary.
  3. Extensions: WGBS is now operating in four seminary extensions In addition to the Mexico City headquarters. These extensions are located in Nogales, Guadalajara, northern Mexico City and in El Salvador.

How do you account for that kind of growth? It can only come from the Lord. How do you make the most of those kinds of opportunities? It is only through the help of supporters like you – men and women who faithfully give to help training centers like WGBS grow.

Thank you for your partnership.