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TMAI is Building Something Special in El Salvador

This month, Word of Grace Biblical Seminary (WGBS) in Mexico City announced its plans to offer a second round of its four-year extension program in El Salvador. The announcement came just two months after the program in El Salvador graduated its first crop of pastors in November. The second session is slated to begin in April.

“We do this first and foremost to train the first group of El Salvadorian graduates to become professors in El Salvador,” WGBS leadership said when the announcement was made. “A second reason is to train a second generation of Salvadorian pastors.”

WGBS Professor Jim Dowdy with graduates of the WGBS El Salvador Extension

WGBS Professor Jim Dowdy with graduates of the WGBS El Salvador Extension

With its budding extension program in El Salvador, WGBS exemplifies the kind of fruit that is being harvested at TMAI training centers worldwide. Faithful seminary trained men establish training centers in countries where the need for sound Bible teaching far outdistances the number of trained Bible expositors available to teach. Those men pour their lives and their expertise into students who graduate and then duplicate that kind of teaching and training in their own churches and communities.

Ultimately, those graduates begin to take over the training of pastors themselves. Some are able to take the TMAI model into other parts of the country — or into other countries that are inaccessible to their original professors.

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Through that process, God’s church grows exponentially and in a way that is sustainable. More importantly, whole communities are exposed to the transforming power of Bible exposition. As they sit under men who faithfully divide the Word week after week — as they begin to build their lives on the foundation of sound doctrine — they think biblically. They become more Christ-like in their thinking and in their actions.
That kind of transformation is the goal of every TMAI training center. It is a ministry model that has been generating a significant impact since the first training center opened its doors in Kiev, Ukraine in 1991.

It continues today in Mexico and in each of our 15 training centers.

And now, it continues in El Salvador.

Originally published in the February 2014 TMAI Worldview.