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A Picture of Ministry in Mexico

WV201408 Mexico 1 (picture of ministry in mexico)There are moments in ministry that seem to encapsulate the mission – instances that powerfully and succinctly express its fruit or its heartbeat. Sometimes those moments are captured on film. That is the case for a picture (shown below) captured quickly on a cell phone during a recent preaching conference that took place in Manzanillo, Mexico, a city on the Pacific Coast, west of Mexico City.

The picture is of five men, each with an important connection to Word of Grace Biblical Seminary (WGBS), TMAI’s training center in Mexico City, and for security purposes last names are not used.

On the right is David, the pastor of a church that hosts the WGBS extension in Manzanillo. Next to him (on his right) is Carlos from Grace Community Church’s (GCC) Spanish Ministry in Southern California. Carlos has been contacting pastors in Manzanillo and the surrounding area, seeking to provide them with the Bible-teaching resources of GCC and The Master’s Seminary (TMS). Through his influence last year, WGBS’s Director and Administrator (both TMS graduates) taught a conference that led to the start of a new WGBS extension which began this year.

To Carlos’ right is Tomás from Vallarta, Mexico. Thomas is a graduate of the WGBS extension that existed in Vallarta several years ago and is currently a student at GCC’s online training program, IDEX.

To Tomas’ right is Alberto, who pastors a church in Guadalajara, Mexico and is the father of Alberto Jr. (current TMS student and potential WGBS teacher). The last man to the right of Alberto is Javier, an elder in the church in Guadalajara, which is currently hosting the WGBS extension in that city.

In that picture you see five men who are committed to the ministry of TMAI. Some have benefitted directly from it already and each of them believe in its power to strengthen churches and spread the truth through all of Mexico and beyond. Each man in the picture represents a point on the map where WGBS has expanded the influence of sound doctrine and biblical authority. Through these men’s independent leadership in ministries such as training extensions and conferences, the outreach of TMAI is growing exponentially.

WV201408 Mexico 2 (550)

WGBS director Luis had this to say, “We thank the Lord for these ongoing opportunities that allow us to keep training faithful men beyond Mexico City. These extensions are not only being taught by our professors, but Lord willing, will also be taught by graduates whom we are grooming to be the next generation of professors.”

Originally published in the August 2014 TMAI Worldview.