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Mexico Demands Training!

This fall there are 200 students being trained at Word of Grace Biblical Seminary (Mexico City) and its extension campuses. By God’s grace there are more and more pastors desiring to deepen their ministries through biblical pastoral training. Furthermore, more and more congregations are growing a taste for expository preaching. Perhaps you remember the first time you heard a man of God preaching the Word of God with clarity and conviction. These kinds of experiences are taking place all over Mexico and Latin America, and the believers rightly want more Bible!19255644_ml

Dr. Marco Peralta was one such man. He and his wife, Marilu, had been attending a large “prosperity” church for many years, where the false gospel of “health and wealth” was preached week in and week out. A growing concern for sound doctrine prompted their departure and eventually led to Marco’s enrollment at WGBS. Leaving behind a career as an oral surgeon, and following a complete correction of theology, Dr. Peralta is now in the process of planting a church rooted in Scripture and with a corresponding biblical philosophy of ministry. He is committed to Scripture, eager to exposit God’s Word and shepherd the flock.

Dr. Peralta’s story is one of many across Latin America of men being awakened to hunger for God’s Word and to desire to preach it to their countrymen. It is especially exciting because we know that much of the Mexican church consists of first-generation Christians who are in need of this training. Carlos Contreras, pastor of Sovereign Grace Christian Church in Ciudad Juárez, explains, “There is not an established, historic presence of evangelical believers in our country . . . the rapid growth of the evangelical church in Mexico in recent decades has produced a generation of leaders without adequate preparation for their role.”

It is precisely this demand that TMAI aims to meet. For this reason, WGBS, originally planted in Mexico City, has opened three extension schools inside Mexico City alone, four campuses in other states throughout Mexico, and two more in other Latin American countries (El Salvador and Puerto Rico). There are already 30 pastors and church leaders who have begun classes in the Puerto Rico extension campus, which was just opened in October!

Luis Contreras, professor at WGBS, summarizes our sentiment perfectly: “We praise the Lord for His grace in all these opportunities and ask you to pray for His ongoing sustaining power for all these students, graduates, and professors.”