Missions Mobilization Memo – September 2013
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Missions Mobilization Memo – September 2013

Honduras-Flag-32A report from Honduras
Ministerios Evangélicos de las Américas

Ministerios Evangélicos de las Américas (MEDA) is an evangelical pastoral training center in Siguatepeque, Honduras. Our mission is to promote the exaltation of Jesus Christ in Latin America through the Spirit-filled, powerful, passionate and precise preaching of His Word. Our vision is to train church leaders through sound biblical exegesis to exalt Christ in their lives and in their preaching.

Three foundational pillars mark MEDA’s ministry:

      • The exaltation and enjoyment of Christ
      • The sufficiency of Scripture for life and godliness
      • The centrality of the local church as the context for spiritual growth.

MEDA currently offers two pastoral training and two church strengthening programs:

      • The Seminary for Expository Preaching (SEPE)
      • The Institute for Pastoral ministries
      • Conferences for all church leaders
      • The Institute for Women’s ministries

A practical NEED
Last year, MEDA reached the point where four classes need to meet at the same time. Since we currently have only two completed classrooms, we have been using the dining hall with an accordion type divider as a makeshift solution for the other two. However, this arrangement isn’t conducive to a good learning environment, and the divider is beginning to wear out. To resolve this need, MEDA has been raising funds for a three-phase project which would add two more classrooms, bathrooms, and a library. The total cost of the project is $250,000. From gifts already received by generous donors, we have been able to complete one set of bathrooms. To complete the bathroom building we need an additional $9,000. To complete the classrooms (not including the library) we need about $85,000.

An exciting OPPORTUNITY!
September’s TMAI matching grant challenge will be devoted to the MEDA building project. Up to $5,000 given towards this project will be matched by a generous donor.

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