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MEDA’s Impact for Christ Growing in Central America

It’s a moment we’ve been looking forward to for a long time. Our TMAI member school in Honduras, MEDA, is by the grace of God expanding! They have four planned classrooms currently under construction on their campus. These rooms are desperately needed and will be a tremendous blessing to the teaching ministry. They are part of a larger project planned to use more of MEDA’s campus to meet the ever-growing demand for faithful biblical teaching and sound theological education.

MEDA new classroom

It is such sweet news to our ears to hear that the desire for pastoral training and biblical instruction continues to grow in Honduras and throughout Central America. Consider just a few of the exciting works the Lord is accomplishing through MEDA:

1. Marriage Conference with Pastor Michael Mahoney (May 21–23)

MEDA kicked off the summer with a marriage conference attended by more than 50 couples. Pastor Michael Mahoney, assistant to pastor John MacArthur, addressed key marital issues from a biblical perspective. One couple on the brink of divorce was reconciled as God’s Word pierced the husband’s heart, leading him to repentance and faith in Christ Jesus!

2. Ethics Conference with Dr. Michael Grisanti (June 25–27)

Dr. Grisanti, professor of Old Testament at The Master’s Seminary, provided much-needed biblical clarity on issues such as abortion, marriage and divorce, the Christian and government, and homosexuality. He gave his timely exposition on homosexuality on the very day that the U.S. Supreme Court made the infamous decision to overturn the historic and biblical definition of marriage.

3. Unmasking the Prosperity Gospel with Justin Peters (July 9–11)

Internationally known conference speaker, Justin Peters, exposed the devastating errors of the so-called “prosperity gospel.” The Latin American culture is so given to these deviations that such a conference was necessary as a means of equipping the church to confront this error. MEDA is taking a leading role in Central America to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ and denounce (unmask) those who would try to spread any other gospel.

4. MEDA’s Seminary Grows

The seminary year continues with the training of more than 40 students. Six men from Costa Rica recently visited the seminary, representing three different churches. MEDA is currently looking into how they might partner with these men to provide the much-needed biblical training that they affirm is so lacking in their country.

With these things in mind, and many more, we are thrilled to see the construction of four new classrooms, so that MEDA can amplify its impact in Central America for Christ. They have a few short-term teams planning to come next year to be a part of the construction needs. Perhaps your church would be interested, as well! If so, they would love to hear from you and talk about the possibility. You can contact them at kensingersinhonduras@gmail.com.