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Honduras: Televised Interview Allows MEDA Leadership to Reach Thousands

Ministerios Evangélicos de las Américas (MEDA) is a ministry with many threads, all woven together to form a singular purpose: to train pastors and lay leaders throughout Honduras to proclaim the Gospel of Christ and build His church.

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This spring, two of MEDA’s laborers, pastor Carlos Montoya and pastor Carlos Núñez, found themselves in a unique and unexpected position to pursue that purpose on the unlikeliest of stages … a televised hour-long interview that was broadcast across central Honduras.

The topic up for discussion was: The importance of training pastors.

Perhaps what’s most intriguing about the opportunity is that the program that carried the interview is not faith based. However, the issue of religion and more specifically, how pulpits can be abused by those looking to use that sacred platform as a means of personal gain, bears significance across cultural divides.

Montoya serves as the executive director and academic dean of SEPE, which is the four-year seminary thread of MEDA. Núñez is SEPE’s conference director and administrative dean. Together, the two were perfectly poised to address the issue. SEPE exists to train pastors to approach pulpits with reverence, and to handle the Word of God with precision. It exists to train Bible expositors.

And so, when the duo was asked, “What do you think of those pastors who say they have a fresh revelation from the Lord,” they knew how to answer.

“We emphasized the inerrancy and sufficiency of Scripture, looking at various passages,” said Montoya. “Our discussion also led us to focus on the ultimate goal of ministry, which is the exaltation of Christ in the changed lives of His people, unlike the man-centered sensationalism that is experienced in many churches today.”

In fact, the case against those who taint pulpits by playing fast and loose with Scripture is the case for SEPE and the rest of the training MEDA offers. Whether through SEPE or MEDA’s Pastoral Ministry Institute, its Women’s Ministry Institute or its conference outreach, MEDA teaches God’s people to check everything they hear from any pulpit with what Scripture teaches. Students study the original biblical languages. They develop a sound biblical hermeneutic. They learn how to discern the original intent of each Bible passage.

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Appearing on a televised interview was a powerful way for Montoya and Núñez to plant a flag in the ground for the proper handling of God’s Word. It is a great example of how TMAI, through training centers like MEDA, are making an impact around the world, inside and outside the church.