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Graduation in Honduras Exemplifies Successful Seminary Education

MEDA Grad 2015 group

2015 came to a close with a flourish of activity at MEDA in Honduras, not least of which was the seminary graduation. After four years of intense study, six servants of the Lord climbed that long-awaited platform to receive their diplomas, marking the completion of their training in expository preaching. But 2016 marks the beginning of a new and exciting season for these men. As MEDA president Carlos Montoya writes, “the diploma is not the end goal. These graduates are now tasked with greater responsibility to preach Christ with power, passion, and precision.”

MEDA Grad 2015 Matute

Montoya and Matute

Graduate Jaime Matute gave a stirring account of his time at the seminary, focusing on three important lessons he learned: humility in perspective, precision in preaching, and personal godliness—lessons he drew not only from classroom instruction, but also from the example of his professors. “For much of my Christian life,” he said, “I’ve admired and sought to imitate those men who truly strive to be like Christ, though tragically there are so few in our day. At this seminary, however, I got to know many such men, one of whom in particular has greatly inspired me to live like Christ. I refer to pastor Carlos Montoya, who has embodied the biblical picture of what it means to be a good father, a good son, a good teacher, a good preacher, a good pastor, a good counselor, and, perhaps what I admire most, a good husband.”

Jaime’s address was a timely reminder that a successful seminary education will cultivate in students both truth and love, conviction and character (1 Thess 2:1–8). We must never allow the man of love to be sidelined by the man of learning. As TMAI president Mark Tatlock has often expressed, the real diploma is the mark of a godly man. We therefore praise God for establishing a ministry like MEDA in Honduras, wherein the truth of the gospel is not only proclaimed but also is adorned by the lives of those who proclaim it.