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Italy: The Fruit of Your Investment

Preach the Word Conference Update
Italian Theological Academy, Italy
June, 2013

ITA Preach the Word May 2013 600

From Massimo Mollica:

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

We thank God for your faithful intercession on our behalf and are continually encouraged by the notes and e-mails we receive from many of you. In our last newsletter we asked you to pray for the first ever “Preach the Word” conference held just outside of Rome at the beginning of May. We were extremely encouraged as just over one hundred people turned out for the conference. We were struck by the sincere expressions of thanks and the request by many, if not all, to hold the conference again next year. We all agreed it was an important step forward as we pray that this conference will be used by the Lord to provide an “anchor” in the “difficult days” that the Church in Italy faces. We’re grateful for the participation of pastors Carey Hardy and Rick Holland in this conference as they came from the States to minister to the conference attendees alongside Lucio Stanisci and Johnny Gravino.

By His Grace,
Massimo Mollica

From Johnny Gravino:

Please allow me to share some feedback we received from our recent Preach the Word conference. The note below is from Stefano, an Italian church leader in Rome. May these words bless you as they have us. Thank you again for your investment in furthering the Gospel in Italy.

Also, please pray for our upcoming singles/young adults conference in Messina “Trasformazione” from July 29th through August 3rd.

Grace in Christ,
Johnny Gravino
Italian Theological Academy, Director

Dear Johnny,  

I must admit—you were right—my time at the Preach the Word conference was “harmful.” I now have a renewed zeal for preaching the Word with accuracy.

The Lord convicted me about the need to raise the level of the preaching of His Word in my church. 2 Tim 2:15 says we need to apply ourselves to “cut it straight.” In other words, we need to be serious. The preaching in our churches must be clear so that the church will be trained, encouraged, exhorted to do God’s will and to manifest His holiness and glory to the world. The preaching must also rebuke and admonish, “put us with our backs to the wall” so that everyone listening will be convicted to repentance or sanctification. The believer must decide at the end of the sermon to apply the Word. If we desire sound churches there must be an accurate preaching of the Word of God.

The conference reignited this passion and conviction in me. I told you that this conference was coming at a needed time in my life and ministry; and I’m thankful because I’m already experiencing its fruit.

Regards in Christ,