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The Expositor’s Conference for Spanish-Speakers in California

It’s no secret that there’s a crisis in the Spanish-speaking church. Many Spanish speakers have a lot of knowledge about God and the Bible, even though they may not personally know Christ. While there are many factors that contribute to this problem, the simple reality is that there are very few Spanish-speaking pastors who exalt Christ by accurately expositing the Scriptures.

With this in view, we are excited to announce that IDEX (The Spanish Expositors Institute), based here in the US, is hosting the Conferencia Expositores 2016 (Expositor’s Conference), a two-day conference aimed at equipping Spanish-speaking pastors and teachers in biblical exposition. Held on the Grace Community Church campus (Sun Valley, CA) on August 26–27, the conference will feature teaching from John MacArthur, Steve Lawson, Sugel Michelén, Henry Tolopilo, Michael Mahoney, Luis Contreras, Josiah Grauman, and more.

Conf Exp 2016 banner

The task of these faithful men is to exemplify biblical exposition and contend with the mediocrity that pervades the pulpits of Spanish-speaking churches today. At the very least, Bible teachers ought to be as qualified for their tasks as any other profession. But sadly, the pulpit is taken lightly in our day, especially in the Latin American context. Pray for our speakers as they challenge the attendees and online viewers unto Christ-exalting preaching and teaching.

It is an exciting day for the Spanish-speaking world. Many have become disenchanted with the oppressive Roman Catholic system, as well as with the empty, emotional experience of Pentecostalism. We have witnessed this first-hand at IDEX, which is currently training men from twenty different countries. We are overjoyed by the hunger these students have for sound biblical teaching, and pray that this conference would further spread interest in the exposition of Scripture around the world. Please pray with us that the Lord would greatly use this weekend for His glory, and that many would become excited about biblical training.

For more information or to register, visit conferenciaexpositores.org.