IDEX: Drinking Deeply
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IDEX: Drinking Deeply

Our mission at the Instituto de Expositores (IDEX; pronounced “Ee-dex”) is clear—to train men to drink deeply of Scripture’s life-giving waters, so that God might use their transformed lives and their accurate exposition to profoundly grow and strengthen the Spanish-speaking Church. Since the great majority of our students come to us as adults with little academic history, the diligent study of the deep theological truths of Scripture does not come naturally.

IDEX Class

That’s why we are praising God all the more for our recent graduation celebration. We rejoice with the 24 students who finished our two-year Bible certificate program. Most of them communicated at the graduation that they had never even heard of a Spanish Bible Institute that required so much work. And many were skeptical that they would be able to complete the 12 units required to graduate. A couple of them mentioned that they had never read the Bible cover to cover, and for many of them it was the first time they had ever worn a cap and gown. However, their hunger for the Word of God won the day.

As a final note of testimony to the grace of God, though the Spanish-speaking church suffers from the influence of liberal science and scholarship, a pastor in our online Bible certificate program writes, “I had many doubts about creation since I had studied evolution…and I had tried to combine it with the creation account in Genesis. When you explained the biblical arguments it was very clear. The same thing happened with the authorship of Genesis. I believed it was impossible that Moses could have written it because I had studied the Documentary Hypothesis. But again, the biblical arguments are what should convince me, and they have.”

We continue to covet your prayers for our students who are trying to be faithful to proclaim God’s word in fertile, but often hostile, ground. On the outside, they face a mainly Catholic/secular battleground, and on the inside the often anti-studious nature of the Pentecostal movement.

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Josiah Grauman
Dean, Instituto de Expositores


IDEX Facts

  • An IDEX certificate represents approximately 3,000 pages read, 200 pages written, and more than 30 exams taken.
  • There are 34 men currently studying in our two year Pastoral Ministries program, with a total student body of 72 students on campus and 70 online.
  • On-campus students travel to Sun Valley, California from as far as Fresno to the north, San Juan Capistrano to the south, Ventura to the west, and Chino to the east.
  • Online students hail from Washington state to Argentina, Mexico to Spain.

This article was originally published
on the Grace Community Church blog,
November 4, 2011.