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Ukraine: Dr James White at Irpin

Dr. James White has recently finished teaching a special course on the Apologetic use of New Testament Textual Criticism for the Irpin Biblical Seminary and their Russian speaking extension at the European Bible Training Center. This course will better prepare the men to defend the inerrancy and authority of the New Testament as well as defending the accurate transmission of the New Testament. Dr. White is considered one of the top authorities in this area and has held formal debates on this topic. It was a privilege to have him address the IBS students.

20130620 James White

We thought you would be encouraged by comments from some of the students who attended this special training by Dr. White:

“The textual criticism class with the focus on apologetics taught by Dr. James R. White was a great opportunity of in-depth and intensive study. I feel tremendously enriched by Dr. James’ expertise and experience in the field. The class was very informing, encouraging, challenging and fun, seasoned with many practical illustrations from Dr. White’s ministry. Thanks to the class, I am definitely better equipped to defend the confidence a person can have in the Bible as the Word of God. I learned a lot about the textual criticism process and how – when applied and practiced properly – it explains and clarifies the differences that appear in various manuscripts and Bible translations. I also have learned much about world religions and how to address them. I especially appreciate what I have learned about Roman Catholicism and Jehovah Witnesses because I constantly have to deal with people influenced by these religions in my context of ministry. It would be very profitable to have Dr. James White teach in the future, possibly a church history class.”


“It is always a privilege to be able to participate in EBTC classes as a student. This week’s Textual Criticism class with Dr. James White was truly a blessing and a huge encouragement. Dr. White incorporated into his lessons many personal stories which truly underlined the importance of this subject. I saw how important these things are in witnessing to atheists, Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons and others. This is extremely helpful for the context in which I am living. Since we have no shortage of JW and Mormon missionaries in our town, this class proved to be extremely helpful. I can now understand a lot better how to witness to them and explain to them what the Bible really says in its original and how to differentiate the differences in their translations. Dr. White with all of his pastoral insights and warm heart was a real blessing, help and encouragement.”


“Questions of textual criticism have interested me for about 10 years, ever since I first heard about them. Whenever, in ministry, I had to face difficulties in the study of textual variants, I felt a lack of knowledge. Therefore, the opportunity to participate in a seminar on textual criticism with James White was especially a great joy for me. During the seminar, I was able to gain practical knowledge, and I learned a lot. First, I saw how important it is to understand the issues of textual criticism, to be able to give an adequate response to the critics of Christianity. Secondly, I understood how God has established and preserved the truth of the New Testament. Thirdly, I felt a great responsibility to preserve and pass on the truth of God’s Word for the next generation of Christians. I was especially touched by one phrase that James White said: ‘Every generation of Christians must fight for the evangelical doctrines. If you stop doing it, then within one generation the church forgets about these doctrines.’ I thank God and everyone who made it possible to conduct this workshop and my participation in it.”


“It was a huge blessing for me to be in the classroom of James White, on the subject of textual criticism. Here are some blessings that I have experienced from his class:

  1. Dr. White is gifted in his presentation and mastery of the material. The class was very lively and interesting, especially with such a complicated subject. The course was not just interesting, but developed a thirst in me to be well-versed in textual criticism.
  2. This course, for me, has always been the subject of specialists, such as the Kurt and Barbara Aland, Metzger and others, especially when it comes to ancient papyri and codes. But after this course, my views have changed. I saw the need for this study and how this knowledge can serve the church.
  3. I realized the great need for textual criticism, especially dealing with issue of apologetics. In particular, when it comes to witnessing to Muslims, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, etc.
  4. And finally, for me, it was a great encouragement, once again to see how God miraculously kept holding the original texts of Scripture, using people in different places at different times, in different ways, so that we have the correct proof that we have the text of the New Testament.

Therefore, I would like to express my gratitude to all those who made it possible for me to come to Berlin for this course, sacrificing their funds for this. May the Lord bless you and reward you for your kind and sacrificial heart. Thank you very much!”