Spring semester
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Spring semester

This spring semester we are expecting the following coming professors at IBS campus. It is a big joy and encouragement for new generation of pastors and preachers to hear the Word of God and to learn its wisdom in order to proclaim it with authority given to us by our Lord Jesus Christ.

• February 25-28 Special course on the book of Revelation by Prof. Fuller
• May 13-23 Special course on Wisdom Literature by Dr. Dick
• May 24-25 Conference with Dr. Montoya

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After serving for two years as a local church Visitation Minister and Director of Outreach in Los Angeles, Professor Montoya became the senior pastor of the First Fundamental Bible Church of Monterey Park.

Beginning with just forty members, the church has grown to more than 900 members, and under his leadership has maintained a strong evangelistic and church planting emphasis, beginning fifteen branch churches during this time.

In addition to his full-time teaching at The Master’s Seminary since 1992, he has also taught biblical studies courses at Biola University, New Testament language classes at Talbot Theological Seminary, and pastoral ministry courses at Southern California School of Ministry, a school he founded for hispanic students.

Professor Montoya has also served as Visiting Professor in Church Growth and Church Planting at Dallas Theological Seminary.

Professor Montoya is a highly sought after guest lecturer and conference speaker. He has written numerous journal and periodical articles, and has authored Hispanic Ministry in North America.