Distance Learning
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Distance Learning

Update from Brian Kinzel
Irpin Biblical Seminary, Kiev, Ukraine
May 22, 2013

This last year I have experienced a very remarkable new development in our ministry. I am now doing “distance learning,” and I have been surprised at how effective and enjoyable it has been. How did this start? For several years now our team in Ukraine has had a close partnership with the European Biblical Training Center (EBTC) in Berlin. My teammate Greg White is dean of their graduate programs, and our Ukrainian teachers travel regularly to Berlin as part of the EBTC Russian language program. Greg asked me to help start a master’s degree in OT for our German brothers.


Matthias, Christian, Brian, and Greg planning at EBTC in Berlin.

When our family was in Berlin in 2011, Greg and I sat down with the EBTC leadership and planned out the program. Later that fall I began teaching beginning Hebrew using an internet connection. I am excited about this because I now have students from multiple cities in Germany and even a student from Albania. I never have been with my students in a classroom because we meet “online.” This ministry is important not because it is technologically advanced, but because all these men are highly motivated to learn, and also strongly committed to gospel ministry. Judging from the great results, I think EBTC gave me their best students. I now help train men in multiple locations, without taking them out of ministry and without any travel time or expenses.

I thank God for this amazing opportunity. Pray for our development of this new program.

Brian Kinzel