Pray for upcoming events
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Pray for upcoming events

Dear Friends and Prayer partners,

please remember to pray for the upcoming EBTC conference and seminars this weekend, May and June.

Parenting Seminar with Tedd Tripp April 25th to 28th in Zurich, Switzerland. This will be strategic seminar regarding biblical parenting in a time where the family, as God has created them, is being attacked by the public media and politicians in Germany and Switzerland.

For the annual German Shepherds Conference in Wittenberg (Lutherstadt) May 2nd to 4th with Chris Mueller, Benedikt Peters and Johannes Pflaum. The conference is booked out and we expect it do be a great time focusing on the topic of “The Church of the Living God”

The EBTC graduation in Berlin, Zurich and Rheinland, June of over 110 Students. As a gust speaker we will have James White with us who will the graduation speaker and challenging our students to defend the truth.