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EBTC Flourishes in the Life and Landscape of the Local Church

European Bible Training Center (EBTC) has just recently signed the contract for the ground floor of a building in central Berlin, which will house not only the growing TMAI training ministry of EBTC but also the new Eckstein church plant. In many ways, this move by EBTC highlights TMAI’s commitment to maintain an integral relationship between our training ministries and the life and landscape of the local church.

EBTC_new_office 600

As the Lord has blessed EBTC with greater impact and influence, they plan to move into a larger and more centralized facility. This will provide much easier access for pastors and church leaders who desire to be trained at EBTC. This will also allow for more offices, more efficient administration, more students, more training in expository preaching, more churches being strengthened, and ultimately, we trust, more souls being won to Christ.

But what we especially want to underscore is the indispensable bond that has developed between EBTC and the churches in Germany. EBTC’s move to a new location is in conjunction with the concerted efforts of local believers to reach central Berlin for Christ. Christian Andresen, dean of EBTC, and Marco Bartholomä, professor at EBTC, have been commissioned by one of the local churches to establish this new Eckstein church plant in conjunction with the TMAI training ministry at EBTC.

Christian is eager about the move and ministry that awaits, and he expresses his deep gratitude for the partnership of TMAI friends and supporters. “We want to thank you,” he writes, “for praying and for any and all financial support that has gone towards purchasing this facility for EBTC and the Eckstein church plant.”

They will officially begin evening services in September, but they have already been doing evangelistic outreaches in the area and expect the Lord to do mighty works both in the church and in the training of church leaders.