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EBTC: Building the future by returning to the past

martin-luther-617287 (300)It was 498 years ago that Martin Luther nailed his “95 Theses” to the door of the Wittenberg Castle Church. It was an event that sparked the Reformation and shaped the future of the church and the world.

In the centuries that followed, the fires of the Reformation have cooled in most of the western world – perhaps most notably, in the very place where it began: Germany. Today, more than half a millennium after Luther’s bold proclamation, Germany is recognized as far more secular than spiritual. The seat of some of the church’s most profound thought and exposition surrounding the gospel of Christ has yielded to post-modern ideology; the principles of its more glorious past have given way to a man-centered, amoral worldview.

The European Bible Training Center (EBTC), which consists of TMAI schools in Berlin and in Zurich, is working to reverse that trend. Since its doors opened in Germany in 2001, EBTC has been calling churches back to the precepts of Sola Fides and Sola Scriptura – salvation by faith in Jesus Christ and recognition of the authority and sufficiency of the Bible.

For 14 years, EBTC leaders have trained men to become Bible expositors – to stand in pulpits across Germany and Switzerland and proclaim the truth. It is not a popular message in such a secular environment, but when has the gospel message ever been popular? The mandate has never been to popularize it – to fit God’s revelation into a palatable package for mass consumption. The mandate has always been to simply proclaim it, faithfully and fully.

That is the mission of EBTC. That is why its leaders expanded to Zurich when the opportunity presented itself. That is why they work in concert with other TMAI training centers in countries such as Ukraine to share German and Russian-language resources to better meet the needs of their people.

EBTC HK 2011

Today, EBTC trains dozens upon dozens of men to exposit the Word. Through the many conferences and symposia it sponsors, EBTC encourages German church leaders (German and Russian-speaking) to return to the authority of Scripture.

In this way, EBTC is writing the future by returning to Germany’s past – a past founded on the revealed Word of God and a commitment to defend the truth.