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Christ Seminary Graduation—The Power of 160

CS Graduation 2014 cropped
This year, Christ Seminary in Polokwane, South Africa, graduated a class of 10 men. Each of them is either already serving in a ministry or will be serving in ministry in South Africa.

With the addition of those 10 new graduates, Christ Seminary has now reached a total of 160 graduates since it began training believers in South Africa to proclaim God’s Word.

In a South African context, and especially in the setting of Polokwane, 160 is a huge number. Historically, Christ Seminary’s ministry has been aimed at village pastors who must find a way to study while serving their churches and supporting their families. It has been aimed at shining the light of the gospel within a church culture that has been beset with charismatic doctrine and mysticism.

In spite of those challenges – and perhaps because of them – Christ Seminary continues to thrive. In South Africa, there simply aren’t many churches with pastors who exposit the Word of God. There are precious few training centers where believers can learn how to do it.

In this context, Christ Seminary stands out. Its graduates proclaim the Word and lead the church in ways not normally seen in South Africa. Because of this, believers are drawn to learn more. Churches filled with people who are hungry for Bible teaching are sending their young men to learn.

That’s how a small seminary battling adverse conditions sees its number of graduates reach 160. And that’s how the landscape of the church culture begins to slowly but steadily shift. God’s people respond to His Word. They go where it is taught.

God grows His church.