Missions Mobilization Memo – February 2014
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Missions Mobilization Memo – February 2014

South-Africa-Flag-32A report from South Africa
Christ Seminary

The Apostle Paul was a student. As a former Pharisee, he understood the value of study and of literature. He saw that studying the Scriptures as well as other written documentation on the Greco / Roman culture (like poetry, history, and law) was invaluable to his ministry, and at times it even kept him from torture (Acts 21:37-39; 25:11).

In fact, Paul was a student even up to his final days. In 2 Timothy 4:13, while he was in prison nearing the end of his life, he told his young disciple Timothy to “bring the books, especially the parchments.”

At Christ Seminary in Polokwane, South Africa, we also see the value of study. We understand that it takes more than capable instructors to teach Africans how to study and preach God’s Word. It also takes resources—books. Providing our students with an adequate library and textbooks is one of the best ways to give them the study tools they need in order to expose their people to God’s word.

The existing Christ Seminary library currently consists of approximately 6,000 volumes, however in order to maintain our accreditation, the Department of Education in South Africa has recently indicated that we must significantly increase this number.

For $10,000 we can add nearly 1,000 volumes to our current library, which would meet current accreditation standards. Additions would include some commentaries, Old and New Testament theologies, biographies, church history works, and many others. Once again, we are blessed to have a generous donor offer to match the first $5,000 of gifts toward this project.

Please prayerfully consider how you can partner with us in this key opportunity to ensure that our students have access to the tools they need for study, writing, sermon preparation, and research.

Our prayer is that this will help our students follow Timothy as he was instructed by his spiritual mentor to “present [themselves] approved to God as [workmen] who [do] not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth.”

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