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TMAI Outreach in Spain Continues to Expand

This month, BEREA, TMAI’s training center in Spain, saw one of its graduates ordained into full-time ministry in the city of Seville, which is located about eight hours southeast of the school’s location in León. This welcome development comes just months after a different graduate was ordained into full-time ministry in Andalucía (seven hours south of León).

BEREA lecture

These developments are significant because they indicate BEREA’s widening sphere of ministry. The goal of the training center is to send trained pastors and church leaders into the field – to see them strengthen churches locally and nationally by putting their training in expository preaching and in biblical ministry to work.

As BEREA’s graduates continue to find ministry opportunities both near and far, it opens doors for the next batch of graduates to find ministry opportunities as well. In addition, it opens new lines of communication between the training center and the churches where these men are serving. As this network of churches continues to expand, so too does the influence of BEREA’s outreach. This is how TMAI slowly, steadily generates a movement.

This is how God’s Word transforms the spiritual landscape of a nation.