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Spain: Exegesis of Philippians Conference

Update from Gus Pidal
Berea, Spain
May 2, 2013

_IGP0292 Carballosa 2013.04

The second week of April, our church hosted the second installment of the Berea Conferences. This time Dr. Evis Carballosa, an eminent and well known New Testament scholar from Galicia, Spain, who has an extensive ministry in Latin America, was our keynote speaker. His topic for the weekend was an exegesis and exposition of the book of Philippians.

Dr. Carballosa was an amazing example this weekend. He is a living legend in Spain and we were encouraged to see his faithfulness for the many decades he’s been ministering. We had men from both Charismatic churches and ethnic churches, yet all of them were praising the Lord for the teaching and ready to come back to hear the Word of God in the future. Continue praying for these conferences, that they will yield true fruit.

Thank you for your partnership with us!