Spain – Berea Update
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Spain – Berea Update

Update from Gus*
October 31, 2014

In just a couple of weeks, our students will be traveling from all parts of Spain to come to our first classes of the academic year. We have 18 new students starting the first of the 3-year program and 14 men continuing on with the third year. We are very excited to have men from literally all major points of Spain and all of them preachers! Please pray for these men; pray for endurance for as they will have to travel, some of them, great lengths to come to the Seminary.

Berea Conference: Discipleship by Phil Foley
The seminary officially launched with the final Berea conference of the year. All seminary students, as well as anyone else that was interested, attended a weekend in Toral, the second week of October. The conference sold out weeks before the date, which was both good and bad; several people were on the waiting list and unable to attend. Phil Foley, pastor at Community Bible Church and professor at Cornerstone Seminary in Vallejo, CA, spoke on training and discipleship- it was a joy to see many people come and take to heart the call to make disciples. It was truly a blessing to all in attendance.

Berea Conference Foley 2014

Please continue to pray for Berea, for the instructors and the students.
Thank you for your partnership with us!

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