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Preaching the Scriptures in Southeast Spain

In our last update, we mentioned Berea Seminary’s prospective to extend its training ministry to Murcia (southeast Spain), which is about 8 hours from León by car. By God’s grace this training opportunity will be realized in September. With the warm invitation and partnership with several churches in the region, Berea will establish a permanent extension campus in Murcia.

It was at the end of May that Berea’s “Preaching the Scriptures” conference left an indelible mark upon the region of southeast Spain. As we mentioned here, faithful saints all over the world are yearning for expository preaching and the serious training it demands. When men of God preach the Word of God to the people of God, the sheep hear the unmistakable voice of their Shepherd. The conference was so enthusiastically received that over 20 men have already signed on as prospective students interested to start training in the fall. They come not only from southeast Spain but also areas like Madrid, Barcelona, and even as far as the Canary Islands. Moreover, the enthusiasm of these men to learn to preach God’s Word is, on the whole, shared with their respective churches.

Murcia 1

What does all of this mean? What is God doing across the globe in all of the intense training that TMAI brings to these regions? He is certainly not glorifying the name of TMAI, nor is He is interested in education for its own sake; no, the Lord our God is exalting His Word and glorifying His Son through it. We fully expect that Christ will build His church, that He will be worshiped, and that the lost sheep will come, through the ministry of the Word. Preaching and teaching is not just a sanctified activity; it is the fulfillment of the Great Commission.