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Extending the Outreach in Portugal

WV201408 Portugal (Lisbon Tram)In April of 2013, The Master’s Seminary in Southern California received an email from a Portuguese Sunday school teacher named Luís. In that email, Luís explained that he wanted to pursue pastoral ministry in Lisbon, but he needed more theological training. He asked if there was a school that offered teaching like The Master’s Seminary in his part of the world because coming to the United States for training wasn’t an option. The seminary was able to direct him to BEREA, TMAI’s training center in Leon, Spain.

Just a few weeks ago, Luís sent the seminary another email. This is what it said:

I wrote to you in April 2013 asking if there was an affiliate of The Master’s Seminary in Europe. You gave me the contact information of David, a TMS graduate in Leon Spain and I contacted him. Already I have been blessed!

I have attended two conferences there: “Different by Design” (January 2014), and “Giving it Meaning” (June 2014) and met many new brothers, including Gustavo, a graduate of The Master’s Seminary.

The journey to Leon is 12 hours by bus, but it is a blessing.

I applied and was accepted, by the grace of God, into Berea (the Diploma in Expository Preaching program), and I will begin classes in October. I’m grateful to God for you.

Luís’s story illustrates one of the strategic advantages of TMAI’s approach. We come alongside training centers in countries around the world because it is the only way to make training in expository preaching available to believers there.

Luís was already serving in an evangelical church in Portugal, but he needed more training. Because Berea exists, he can pursue that training. In turn, the training he receives will bless those he teaches back home in Lisbon.

Originally published in the August 2014 TMAI Worldview.