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Berea Seminary Reaching “the Regions Beyond”

David Robles and Gus Pidal, two TMAI professors at Berea Seminary in Spain, along with a Berea graduate, recently crossed the Strait of Gibraltar to preach the gospel in Ceuta, a Spanish city located on the north coast of Africa. There is great need for gospel preaching in Ceuta. As a comparison, the city boasts over 40 mosques and Islamic centers, but only two evangelical churches.

Straits of Gilbratar

One of these two churches has become aware of TMAI’s work in León, Spain, and invited these men to come and preach a series of messages that would embolden them in the midst of trials. David preached a short series on assorted texts dealing with trials and the Christian’s response, and Gus preached from Psalm 121, a powerful reminder that our help comes from the LORD, who made heaven and earth. “We loved our time in Ceuta,” writes Gus, “and the people there loved the Word of God. We were encouraged by the amazing reception to God’s truth. Please pray for that city, for the believers to be a light in the midst of darkness, and that God will be glorified in their ministry.”


The invitation came because one of the second-year students at Berea is a pastor/missionary at the church in Ceuta. The exposition of God’s Word made such an impact that the pastors in Ceuta are requesting a Berea Seminary extension campus there in Northern Africa! This highlights the real, tangible, strategic significance of establishing solid training centers around the world. Berea was planted in León, Spain, but it has already drawn students from literally all over the country. When firmly rooted in the historic faith and trained to exposit God’s Word, these men become those who are most able to provide the much-needed spiritual leadership in reaching, to borrow a term from Paul, “the regions beyond” (2 Cor 10:16).