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A Cause for Great Rejoicing in Mexico

The Apostle John “rejoiced greatly” upon hearing the news that certain believers were walking in the truth (2 John 1:4). He cared deeply about the teaching of Christ, and earnestly desired to see all God’s children walking according to it. In the same way, we rejoice greatly with each graduating class—not because we presume to have a corner on the truth, but because we labor to point our students to the only source of it.


Word of Grace Bible Seminary (WGBS), a TMAI member school in Mexico, recently celebrated the graduation of 43 men from two of its seven extension campuses. “It’s an exciting time,” explains Antonio Ortega, the administrative director at WGBS, “because we have graduates from all different walks of life and age groups, but the one thing they all have in common is a shared desire to walk in the truth. The Bible is our only guide for life and ministry, and every graduate shares this commitment.”

One of the graduates is a 77 year-old pastor who has diligently shepherded his church in the little town of Tepatlaxco for decades. He graduated from the Bible and theology course at WGBS and has now enrolled in the expository preaching program. Though he has much experience in preaching, he never wants to stop growing. His desire is to identify faithful men in his congregation and entrust to them everything he’s learning.

Another graduate lives and pastors a church in one of the most dangerous regions of Mexico, where his testimony is a powerful witness to Christ. Many people from his community have asked him where he learned to speak of the Bible in such a way. One pastor in the area even commented, “Even though I disagree with some of the things you say, you truly speak the Bible whereas everyone else speaks from the mouth alone. I want to learn to speak the Bible like you, and to learn the Word of God like that.” What began as a simple remark has now, by God’s never-uninteresting acts of providence, resulted in that pastor’s enrollment for classes at WGBS this fall.

There are many stories left untold, and many details that time does not permit to share, but every graduation represents for us an opportunity to celebrate, trusting that these graduates have been rooted in sound doctrine, biblical interpretation, and a commitment to walking in the truth of God’s Word. This is only achieved by the grace of God at work in the heart of His people—both near and far—and we trust it is always a worthy occasion to “rejoice greatly” in the Lord!