Immediate needs

  1. Building Classroom and Administrative block for TMAI India
    On 3 acres of land we have purchased in South India we will build classrooms, administrative offices, a library, chapel, kitchen, and dining hall. The total area will be about 10,000 sq feet and will greatly expand our capacity to train men on our campus. Phase 1 is already underway which includes initial work on the gate, access road, parking, sewage and water lines and water storage. Phase 2 of 4 is the foundation and support pillar structures. Approximate cost of phase two is $50,000.
    Need: $50,000
  2. Preachers’ Academy accommodations
    TMAI India has launched a new academic program called the Preachers’ Academy. This is a bi-vocational program with 1 week of intensive expository training workshops every two months, working out to 6 sessions a year. We have an on-going group of 25-30 Indian men attending these sessions. With this comes an increased need for accommodation for these students. Accommodations for students are already maxed out at our current rental campus, therefore, $500 a month is needed to rent additional housing for the men attending the Preachers’ Academy.
    Need: $500/month
  3. National faculty expenses
    The Preachers’ Academy needs to provide accommodations and meet the travel expenses of two Indian national faculty members who will teach at the academy.
    Need: $100/month
  4. Logos software for students
    PTS Logos software projectLast year through TMAI we raised funds to provide a basic Logos Software for 30 students. This year we want to provide a study package for 10 new full-time residential MDiv students. We have worked out a 50% discount with Logos for their Bronze package with a few significant exegetical add-ons.
    Need: $5000

Completed projects

  • Set up a training center in South India on a rental facility with three classrooms, a theological library, and student housing (for a maximum capacity of 100)
  • Trained and sent out 28 graduates to plant and establish churches in different states of the Indian Subcontinent
  • Set Up of 8 Student Houses in Back Campus

To donate towards any of these needs, please use the “Donate to TMAI” button above. Designate “India: TMAI India” as the recipient, and include a comment indicating the specific need, e.g., “Logos software for students.”

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Needs updated: May 24, 2014