Seminary Building

Seminary Building

 TMAI India

In this, the world’s largest democracy, TMAI India is preparing church leaders to plant and grow churches in a challenging, pluralistic, and multi-ethnic culture. India’s growing economic and political power make this training even more strategic in a country of over one billion souls.

Ministry Overview

The Opportunity:

To strengthen the Church in India by training national men to be pastors that faithfully exposit the Word of God.

Specific Strategy:

Develop a three-year seminary program for India that emphasizes theology, the original languages, and expository preaching.

Set up a training center in a key city in South India with classrooms, theological library, and student housing.

Recruit English speaking graduates from around India through the following means:

  • Short term Summer and Winter training for church leaders.
  • Weekend biblical training seminars once a month in major Indian cities.
  • An annual National Expositor’s Conference for Indian pastors.
  • Advertisements through Grace to India’s website and magazine.
  • Advertisements in three different Indian evangelical magazines.

Establish a base of five teaching professors from The Master’s Seminary (we currently have 4).

Graduating a maximum of eight students every three years.

Encouraging and enabling these men to plant and pastor churches in India.

The development of an Association of Bible churches that would send us their men for training.

To publish a bi-annual journal (first volume came out in 2006) for Indian church leadership.


TMAI India was established in July of 2002 as a culmination of the vision of Pastor Chris Williams. The training center is facilitated under the ministry of Love Maharashtra, Pune and Grace to India both of which are under the oversight of Chris Williams (a Grace Community Church Missionary). These ministries have given us much credibility, having existed in India more than three decades. Many of our students seek out our training because of our identification with John MacArthur’s verse by verse expository method. We provide a three-year residential training program in South India to train English speaking Indian men. We currently have 30 students in total enrolled in our three year MDiv course. To date we have graduated eight classes and seen 17 churches planted in different parts of the Indian subcontinent.

Church Planting:

TMAI India is committed to training our students not just in theory but also in the practice of actual church ministry. In 2005 a new church plant began in Pune called Kerusso Bible Church.

Since moving to South India we have established a new church plant (February 2010) which currently has about 60 people in attendance. Our goal is to reach out to the community we are in and model for the students biblical ministry.

The opportunities for ministry abound with a population of over 1 billion in the country of India. Pray for us as we proclaim the glories and sufficiency of Christ in this very needy part of the World.

Prayer Requests:

  • That our Students would grow in their understanding of truth and love for the church.
  • That our faculty would have strength and endurance to study and teach faithfully.
  • That God would provide us a new facility for our growing student body.